Komputer Korner was established in 1999. From the beginning Komputer Korner endeavors and strives for high-end technological implement throughout the country. We successfully fulfill the genuine needs of the Industry’s standard latest technological tools. Komputer Korner is providing a wide range of Sales and Maintenance, Data Communication, Network Services, to Government Semi Government, financial & research organizations, private and corporate sectors as well.

The company philosophy is to provide a total & tailored made solution into entire satisfaction of customer needs with the advancement of technological innovation for industries, research organizations, educational institution, home and offices and make them aware of the up-to-date and rapid technological changes taking place day to day so as to leap a step forward with the technological community globally.

What the industries want from a System Integrator is a support and service flexible to their needs. Komputer Korner maintains a Technical Support and Customer Care Center. Our team consists of Job professionals, possessed excellent technical and specialist qualification. The Company philosophy of delegated management ensures that the team members quickly take on the responsibility assigned to them and are able to recognized and responds to the client’s requirements. The company encourages continuous professional education of its team through a regular program of
in-house and external training.





Due to frequent currency fluctuation in Pakistan, please confirm product price before ordering by phone or online.